7 Cents Per Search
  • Only 1 Best Phone Number Provided
  • Average Match Rate is 75 to 95%
  • Accuracy Rate of 85% on all Matches
  • Less than 24 hour turn around time


$ 60 Starting at
  • American Cold Callers Starting at $120
  • Foreign Cold Callers Starting at $60
  • Lead Delivered INSTANTLY via Email
  • Dialer, Scripts and Training Provided

All Inclusive Leads

$160 Starting At
  • We Pull the List and Skip Trace it
  • We Cold Call and Text Everyone for you
  • We Send the Leads the second they are generated
  • Satisfaction Guarantee on all Purchases

A Proven Skip Tracing Services Company

One of the many challenges that any business faces is customers or clients defaulting on payments. When this happens, and the client or customer cannot be found using the information provided, your business needs assistance. Trying to find the individual using other methods, such as searching social media or reviewing public records, is time consuming and costly.

In addition, when employees are spending time doing skip tracing, they are not engaged in lead generation or other activities that are critical to the ongoing success of your business. Hiring us to do your skip tracing allows your staff to focus on responding to more leads and follow-up calls.

The experts at Lead Mining Pros offer skip tracing for real estate companies and services. We are the highest rated skip tracing and cold calling company providing services to the real estate industry.

How Can Skip Tracing Generate Leads in the Real Estate Business

People who stop responding to creditors often have assets, including real estate property. Some individuals may have property they have inherited but have no intention of living in or renting, so the property simply remains vacant and unused.

The good news is that the calls made from our skip tracing services company can turn into real estate lead generation opportunities. Our trained callers can talk directly to the absentee owner or the individual with debt that may be a highly motivated seller.

In this way, the skip trace call becomes a form of cold calling lead generation. A question on property ownership with the “skip”, the person who is on the list as a debtor, can now become a cold call lead when handed to a real estate agent. Often these motivated sellers are eager to sell the property quickly, which means the first real estate agent they speak with is very likely to get the listing.

What is the Purpose of Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

As the highest rated skip tracing and cold calling service, Lead Mining Pros uses data that we unearth using ethical and legal processes to pass on qualified leads to real estate companies. We also have information on distressed properties, so we know that the owners are motivated to sell.

Working with Lead Mining Pros allows your sales team to talk to property owners who have asked for a call back from a real estate service. They have already asked for the call, and they may have provided information on why they want to sell, including facing foreclosure or loss of the property due to back taxes owed.

Other types of skip tracing methods can also be used. Good places to start tracking owner information include vacant properties, high-equity properties, senior-owned properties, deceased owners, currently or recently divorced people, or listings that have been on the market for extended periods of time.

The Benefits of Hiring Lead Mining Pros for Skip Tracing

Top real estate companies use Lead Mining Pros for all of their skip tracing and cold calling lead generation needs. We offer very competitive pricing, with our 7 cent skip tracing, the best in the industry.

Our numbers speak for the quality of our services. We retrieve one best phone number from absentee lists on an average of 65% to 85% of the time. Lead Mining Pros charges per search, with an overall accuracy rating for our numbers of 70%, which is a significant return on your investment.

Choosing Lead Mining Pros means no contracts, no  commitments, and no set up fees for your account. For more information, reach out to me directly at 727-877-8772.

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