Sales Page VSL Formula

0. Call Out Your Audience

Hey [Investors / Entrepreneurs…]

Are you struggling with X? Are you struggling with Cold Calling? Are you struggling with virtual assistants? Looking for a Lead Generation Department? Lead Gen Got you down? Struggling with marketing costs? Tired of trying to TRAIN your own team?


Describe the problem (tell a story that shows that you understand and empathize with the prospects’s problem.

3 years ago before I founded lead Mining I knew, I had to really focus my energy on something new. I knew I had to do go all in, so I chose the 1 thing I thought I could master, cold calling. Some days the phone felt like it weighed 1000 lbs other days I was in the mood for it. It is harder than it looks, however over the last 3 years at lead mining we have completed over 3 million dials and have this down to science.


“Imagine if…”

Let the reader imagine what their life would look like if this problem was resolved? How would this impact their life?

Imagine having turnkey lead generation without any can turn it on and off as you please if you a one man team when you go on vacation. Or maybe you have an acquisition manager who works while you are sipping a mai tai in hawaii, and you just sit back and reap the benefits of leads coming in, and deals getting put under contract. Imagine what kind of results these systems would have on your life? Imagine what it would be like to know someone is ALWAYS fighting for your business! And we are the best at it.

3. Credibility

Share your journey / story / credibility. Why should I trust you? What do you know? Share your “origin story” of how you overcame the problem.

I started from humble beginnings, I was just another cook at Benigans back in 2003, I started in restaurant management right after that. For the next 12 years I worked 70 hours a week, training employees, serving customers, creating systems and overall being profitable. This taught me the foundation of what I now know today. Then after happily leaving that industry behind, I spent 3 years at one of the nations premiere REAL ESTATE EDUCATION COMPANIES, this was the real experience that lead me to Lead Mining, as I saw what was missing in the real estate space!

I then compiled all the skills I acquired over the last 30 years

*Team Building
*System Creation
*Quality Assurance
*Understanding Investors Needs
*Cold Calling
*And of course...Marketing

I put it all together and created the highest rated service in Real Estate LEAD MINING

[ 3-4 Testimonials ]

4. Introduce the solution

What is the product? Explain how it works (Steps) Insert Features & Benefits Here’s everything you get…Total value

At Lead Mining, we take the hassle out of Lead Generation With over 3 years of experience our team has been focusing on one thing..GETTING LEADS This gives you the unfair advantage, when you hire us and leverage all that experience We know what measures to take to ensure your campaigns go the farther! We pull the lists with expertise We then skip trace it using our 70% accurate 7 cent skip trace service We place our professionally trained calling team on your campaign When a lead answers we ask up to 14 questions to capture all the information We send that information to you the second its generated We text message leads and reply to all positive responses and send you the leads! Some dialing and texting software is $200 a month alone, and that doesn’t include using credits or hiring an employee to do the work, let alone training, development, and systematization of the whole lead generation process. We offer all of this for a low no contract price of $XX.XX

[ 3-4 Testimonials ]

5. Price Anchoring

Talk about what this would cost normally if they bought this service anywhere else other than this page.

If you were to pay for your own dialer that would be about $180 a month...and that doesn’t include the time, effort or employee it takes to execute cold calls. So lets say you hire a Filipino at $200 a week, that you need to teach how to use the dialer and how to cold call for real estate leads, oh and how to take notes, the right questions to ask, the best rebuttals, and thats just the start now you have payroll….and that just became $800 a month and your overhead for the dialer puts you at $980 and you still have a VERY FULL PLATE……

I packaged all of this up perfectly for you, with no contracts, commitments or hidden fees our professionally trained and proven team can expedite a fairly decent and consistent marketing campaign for as little as $595 per month!

Where we handle absolutely everything…...from the list and skip, and we even cold call every lead 2x and text every phone number! We send all leads the second they are generated.

You can now do what you love and ONLY talk to warm leads!

After anchoring the price. Reveal the real price, and give a reason for the discount.

6. Real price

[ 3-4 Testimonials ]

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Insert FAQ’s.

8. Urgency

Inject 2-3 reasons why people should act now and not delay this decision

9. Even more testimonials

Add 10-20 testimonials at the bottom + a button to read all of the testimonials on Facebook.

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